Searchme, Inc. today announced that the Searchme Nokia app is available at Nokia's Ovi Store. Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, launched its Ovi Store on Tuesday. The Ovi Store is a 'smart store' that changes the way Nokia's customers can discover and consume content on their mobile phones making the experience more relevant.

Instead of a list of blue links, Searchme delivers images of web pages, videos, music and products on the search result page making it easy to find and consume information on a cell phone. Searchme offers significantly improved performance for searching on a phone because it runs as a native Symbian application rather than in a slow-rendering web browser. Unlike other search applications, Searchme supports a full touch screen interface on mobile devices including the Nokia 5800 and N97 phones.

"Searchme is thrilled to be able to leverage the power of Nokia's global scale in devices through participation in its Ovi Store, making Searchme available to over 165 million handset owners," said Randy Adams, Searchme Founder and CEO. "With our easy-to-use visual search interface, Searchme is uniquely able to provide a superior search experience on cell phones for people who want quick page loads and immediate access to relevant information."

Searchme is the world's first visual search engine, designed from the ground up to provide the user with a better search experience. Since its launch less than a year ago, Searchme has gained favor with web searchers and has more than 4 million monthly users now, growing more than 180 percent since January 2009.

Searchme can also be found on the Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry Storm, Google Android and the Windows Mobile platforms.

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