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    Nokia Purchases Assets From Plum


    No, it's not a fruit company or a character from Clue, but rather a social networking service based in the U.S. It focuses on the macro-social network, rather then it's larger competitors like Facebook and Twitter. Their site describes their service and community as, "Plum Groups is a service for those of us that want to share the more private parts of our lives with smaller groups of people we are close to such as family and friends. It fills the need need for “private” sharing and conversations."

    On Friday, it was announced that Nokia had purchased the company, and that it will become a part of their social location unit. Unfortunately more details weren't readily available as to how Nokia plans to use their newly acquired service, but it leaves the door open for a wide range of possibilities. Companies who wanted to utilize private messaging boards would benefit the most, allowing employees to post questions and updates that would be available anywhere, but restricted to a specific community. A more local and private Twitter if you would. On the other hand, families who wanted to stay in touch with each other, without the use of messaging plans could see a potentially equal benefit.

    It will be very interesting to see which direction Nokia takes with this new service and what content they develop from it. Plum founder Hans Peter Brřndmo, has said that he will move to Berlin to work with the Nokia unit, but promises no interruption in Plum's current services.

    Check out the company's site here.
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    wouldnt it be Micro if it was focusing on small groups of people rather than Macro?
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    very good point.. Sounds more like micro rather than macro... It looks interesting... Just gotta wait and see. Thanks for sharing
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