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    Microsoft Office coming to Nokia Handsets


    via TechCrunch:

    It looks like Microsoft and Nokia, beleaguered giants of the mobile industry, are forming an alliance in order to defend against the alternative smartphone onslaught. Details are scarce at the moment, but tomorrow is guaranteed to see us better informed. What we know is that Microsoft has been expanding the platforms Office 2010 will work on, which now includes several browsers. I think it’s safe to assume thatNokia will soon be an official partner, not limited to accessing the app suite via the browser.

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    This could be good and bad for Microsoft as currently Office apps only work on the Windows Mobile platform and Microsoft has been saying they want to really boost the platform and revamp it's image. Takes one of the exclusive features away.
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    Well, there are office apps available for nokia phones already.. So my guess is that Microsoft just wants to boost up their sales to have the original sotfware out there rather than people buying or downloading third party apps that does that...
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