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    Palm's VP of design shows off Pre features, scoffs at N95


    Watch full Video click here "Thought we'd seen all that Palm intended to reveal about the magical company-saving Pre at CES a few weeks back, but quality footage continues to roll in -- and it just gets even better when it's being shown off by an exec instead of your standard-issue PR type. Peter Skillman, Palm's design VP, does the honors here with a 4-plus minute overview of some of the cooler things the Pre has to offer, including a demo of the Touchstone inductive charger at about 2:26 in (curious fact: it apparently uses the "same technology that are in gecko feet" to stick to the table). At the 2:06 mark, he puts down the Nokia N95 for looking like a post-apocalyptic industrial design nightmare of exposed hardware and mechanisms (our words, not his), which is kinda funny since we'd never really considered the N95 as a Pre competitor. Finally, he wraps up with a..."

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    We've heard references pertaining to RIM possibly having a querty-touch in development ala Magnum. Seen pre-release shots of the Nokia N97, which apparently is coming soon. And in viewing this video of an average guy casually demonstrating his product I came to the realization that Palm has introduced a tremendously impressive device - ahead of it's competitors.
    It looks as though these guys who've been seeing their sales slide have been up to something. One of the mainstays in the handheld industry has not let us down. Palm is back.
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    i loved palm way back when. they hadn't seemed to keep up with the smartphone market, although maybe it was just poor marketing? i had the palm vii when it first came out. makes me laugh about it now a friend of mine has the centro from sprint and she loves it. i've been trying to talk her into bb for a long time. i'd really like to see this first hand before forming any kind of opinion. all the blogs are posting about it so it must be something

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    That is funny you said that cherri. A guy I worked with says he liked his Centro until he added a line and played with a 8310. He says he will never go back to a centro. He likes that the keyboard is spaced out more and all the free 3rd party programs. He just updated to 4.5 os and he loves it even more now.

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    I think I want one!!
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