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It has been officially announced that Verizon will be getting some WebOS love on January ... Palm News forum

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    Palm Pre Plus and Pixie Plus Coming to Verizon Wireless Jan 25th


    It has been officially announced that Verizon will be getting some WebOS love on January 25th with the Pre Plus and Pixie Plus. No device pricing mentioned yet and I would imagine the plans will be the same as other smartphones on the VZW network. Will the Pre's design tweaks and boosted memory make users look past VZW's higher plans vs. Sprint or have some of you current VZW customers just been waiting for the arrival of WebOS on the Verizon network?

    "Introducing the Palm® Pre™ Plus and Palm Pixi™ Plus phones, available January 25 on Verizon Wireless.

    Palm Pre Plus features a refined design and double the memory. Palm Pixi Plus is still incredibly thin and lightweight, but now includes Wi-Fi. Whichever you prefer, both are amazingly powerful yet simple to use, making it easy and fun to stay connected and ahead.1

    And you can run your favorite apps—like Facebook®, Pandora, and Yelp—on Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. With over 1000 apps available and more added each week, chances are you’ll find the ones you want."

    More info
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    Do the pre and pixi offer a global (system wide) font size option? Something the droid did not offer....Does the Pre have Wifi or just pixi?Does the option to make the phone a wifi hotspot cost more?..does VZW charge more? Does the app to make it happen cost or is it free?

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    Why does verizon get the palm pre.and sprint dosent get the storm 2. I think that's a bunch of grap. I think they should have the I phone instead.since they have a better network (according to consumer affairs.) But I think that's a bunch of grap. Everytime sprint comes up with a phone verizon gotta have it.

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