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All of you are creative,and very talented. You all inspired me so much that iwanna ... 82xx Themes forum

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    to all you theme makers!


    All of you are creative,and very talented. You all inspired me so much that iwanna start making themes, but I wouldn't know how to start making a theme lol! Anyways I'm new to this site and I will stick around and watch more of you creations! Oh before I forget my dads birthday is coming up and I got him a 8220 cause he liked mine. He is a star treck fan and I need something with ota cause I have no access to a cp! Or something like star treck, if you can help me out I would appreciate it!
    If anyone could tell me how to do this theme making stuff I would like to learn how! Anyways this is my first post hope I didn't bore you lol. And thanx for the themes I have got off this site!
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    The best thing to do is start by downloading ALL the software you need.

    1. What you need
    2. A decent walkthrough of Plazmic
    3. How to get help when nothing seems to work

    NOTE: These guides are a little dated. The version numbers have changed and so have some of the links. Of course a simple google search of the application titles will take you to the latest versions. WARNING they take forever to dload!!

    Then do like the rest of us did.... Start pushing bttons and reading the documentation as you go.

    Have fun. It is addictive.
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