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Okay... Here's a good one for you all since you were so quick with the ... Storm 95xx Themes forum

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    Today themes lanscape replying issue...


    Okay... Here's a good one for you all since you were so quick with the Calendar issue ...

    This happens with all today themes, by the way... Only a few other people have this issue that I'm aware of, and I've tried to find a common denominator with us, and there isn't one...

    If I get a message and open it from the Today screen (rather than going into my inbox) and click reply... The reply window opens... When I tilt my phone to landscape the reply window goes away and I'm at the default all icons screen... When I tilt back to portrait, I'm back at the reply screen... Very annoying as I don't type so well in portrait...

    Anyone have any ideas for this one??

    Thanks again


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    ask me
    Go landscape before you open it from the today screen...

    Don't shoot me...
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    What a funny guy. Ok seriously, I ran into this yesterday after loading my first Today theme....should have seen the look on my face (hint, not happy). Until I took a deep breath and said "Ok, Plazmic is still Beta, I can't get too upset, I was warned of said beta status".

    Hopefully this will be resolved when (or before) the theme builder is officially released.

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