Okay, I really want to give back to this community, and if this thread needs to be moved please put it in the correct spot. I just could not find a place for it.

1. SVG can not be rendered.
Many times this can be solved by checking your animation links on the bottom of your svg file. Usually you have two animations with the same "_anim_l1". Make sure that each animation has its on l#.

2. Objects are outside the boundaries.
This is fixed by checking not only the portriat view but also the landscape view. Make sure that you move objects around so that they do not go outside the edges of the screen. Also check the applicatins views as this can also cause problems.

3. Dial pad is cut off
This is fixed by changing the applications banner to no larger than 35. It may be different than this but that is the number that I use.

I will update as I find more problems and solutions.