This article applies to BlackBerry devices and on Carrier networks that are set to a time zone in Western Australia.

On 21 November 2006, the Western Australia Parliament announced that daylight saving will begin in Western Australia on Sunday, 3 December 2006. At 2:00 AM the offical time will be set forward one hour. On Sunday, 25 March 2007, the official time will be set back one hour.

Because of the short notice of this announcement, the BlackBerry Device Software is not configured to begin daylight saving on 3 December 2006 for the time zones in Western Australia. As result, if your BlackBerry device is set to a time zone in Western Australia, the time displayed on your BlackBerry device will appear one hour behind the official time when daylight saving begins. Also, some appointments on your BlackBerry device Calendar may appear one hour later than the appointments in your email client (e.g., Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes).

Note: For more information regarding the official announcement, see

Workaround: Western Australia's 2006 daylight saving time issue

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