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I live in SW Florida and last night starting around 5pm or so my girlfriend ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    SW Florida Network Outage


    I live in SW Florida and last night starting around 5pm or so my girlfriend called me and said she has a service restricted error on her Nextel. My troubleshooting didnt work so I told her to wait till I got home to fix it.

    I didnt pay too much attention because I was really busy at work, but I noticed I wasnt getting alot of emails, texts, pins or alerts or much of anything at all. I just figured I wasnt important! Looking down at my BB I noticed "Nxtl". No DC, now web or email. I was like what ever, should work soon.

    By 1am I was getting furious, I need my phone, not just for work, but for my life, I depend on my BB. I called my support and was told there is a huge outage for SW Florida. Every so often my BB will connect to "NXTL" and tons of messages will flow through, when I go to respond to anything, a website, log in to yahoo, pretty much anything data related I get the "Nxtl" again.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    I have to admit that this is the first problem I have ever had with Nextel. In the past 5 years the only other time I had service issues was during Hurrican Charlie, and thats the honest truth! I am being very patient but when it comes to not being able to get on the stacks while Im mobile Im very touchy!

    PS. So if anyone is trying to get a hold of me and I dont respond please understand its my email, web and data service.

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    Re: SW Florida Network Outage

    I live in NEW YORK and had that problem on Wednesday i believe. Our weather was bad up here. After an hour or 2 i was back up as normal.

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    Re: SW Florida Network Outage

    We had problem like that on iden network last week for about 2-3 hours but the weather was so bad here in Quebec,Canada.

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