Since there is no "Boost" forum on this site, I figured the majority of Boost users would peruse this forum. (Mods, if this violates some type of TOS, please let me know and delete this post. I would like to know how to get this info out though).

Boost Mobile has a LOT of users (namely us) who use Blackberry devices with their network. We would LOVE to be able use the full feature set, but without a BIS, we're resigned to hacking our way through it.

I have created a petition for Boost Mobile to create a Blackberry plan that allows us to use the full feature set with out devices. Boost Mobile, being owned by Nextel and Sprint, already has the technology in place, they just have to get off their butts and make it available.

If you would like to sign the petition, send me a PM and I'll send you the link (I haven't posted enough to be able to post the link yet). The petition is active for one year, and I will be posting this message to other Blackberry forums.