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Hi All, Great group and stacks of info, still trying to get my head round ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Question Optus Network in Australia


    Hi All,

    Great group and stacks of info, still trying to get my head round it all!

    Are there anyone using Blackberry from Optus? Whats your experiance? I am still trying to get the Blackberry add on added to my service but they have still not carried it out!

    Also the price $$$ is expensive $29 aus $ for 1MB of data! What do you think? $59 for unlimited! ?

    Looking forward to your feedback.



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    Re: Optus Network in Australia

    Not familar with them at all... anyone else?
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    Hi Tommy,

    Sorry - Don't check this forum often. Yes, I am a Optus user in Australia. No compliant from here! I haven't had any downtime of the service..

    I'm on the 'unlimited' (50MB) plan, and I don't use anywhere near it. But since I upgraded to the 99$ BlackBerry cap, I'll just leave it until my contract expires in Feb.

    If they haven't activated your service yet than call them up - when I first signed up they signed me up for a BES account, and my BIS account didn't work. Just confirm that.. and trust me - it can take a while with Optus support.

    Get it working?

    Anyone who is familiar and willing to discuss/help me with BES, add me to your BB Messenger! Cheers :)

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    I'm with O2 in the UK. They offer two mailbox levels (can't remember the amounts, but think its 10mb and 50 mb) but suffice to say, it doesn't take a lot to end up paying additional GPRS charges per monthy. Better to pay a littlw more and know whabill to expect each month.

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