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hi collegues and i travel for a living. My company is based in the ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    need some advice to utilize


    hi collegues and i travel for a living. My company is based in the USA> I spend over half the year in Italy. At present, our company is using only a full data plan from T-Mobile, thus making it finally possible for all of us to utilize BB technology. However, we did not incorporate a voice plan , as it did not make sense to have a USA number while in Italy. Our subcontractors here need to contact us by a local Italian number. SO, what are our options. In italy, our voice plan (no data) is with Vodafone. Is it possible to get a voice/data plan with vodafone, but config the data to feed from our BB Enterprise Server? Seems that it should be....i would love to carry only one device...and i prefer it to be my Pearl....

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    Re: need some advice to utilize

    I found a product on a site as detailed below. Although it is not a 100% solution to local voice calls and remote data connection through a single Sim it may be worth investigating, for the £10 price it’s worth a test drive and someone in the US must stock a similar product

    Universal Twin Sim Adapter (

    [FONT=Verdana]Enjoy the freedom of two mobile numbers in one handset! Now you can take advantage of different networks offers allowing you the freedom of two contracts/pay as you go deals with only one handset.

    This product is a must for any user who has two numbers. With this device you can alternate between sim cards* as easily as turning off your phone then turning it back on again, removing the need to carry two phones everywhere. At the end of business hours restart the phone and your personal sim card will be activated, furthermore simply store your contacts to your phone in order to share your contacts with two sim cards.
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