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Hey guys, I bought a used mint Galaxy S2 off CL today for $90. Owner ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Need quick help! One Galaxy S2, flashed to wrong carrier


    Hey guys, I bought a used mint Galaxy S2 off CL today for $90. Owner swore it was a Cspire phone, still had receipt, box, everything however when I took it to Cspire they could not get the phone to program/activate. Finally they showed me the 'new' phone and somewhere in the settings it said 'mycricket'. So after buying it from CSpire, it was evidently flashed to Cricket and I've been told there's no way to get the phone back to working with CSpire.

    I'm trying as we speak to get my money back and let them relist it but is there any way to root the phone and get around the cricket flash so that I can still have CSpire activate it? I know nothing about the various carriers and phone programming.

    Thanks guys!

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