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Hi, I just bought an unlocked BB 8800, and added BB Connect from Fido. When ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Question Help on setting up Fido BIS



    I just bought an unlocked BB 8800, and added BB Connect from Fido. When I tried to setup my BIS by going to I encountered the error as below:

    "i'm having issues signing up on the fido bis
    website it go through the first step where i put my PIN/IMEI number and it goes through ok but when i have to setup my user name and password it keeps giving me a unknow system error and i can't continue."

    Anyone got this resolved?

    I tried calling Fido but they won't provide tech support for non Fido handsets.

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    Re: Help on setting up Fido BIS

    First, the URL you gave is invalid.

    Second, BlackBerry Connect is for NON BlackBerry/RIM devices. If you mean that you got a BlackBerry Connect plan from your provider (whoever that might be!), you need to change to a regular BlackBerry plan.

    BlackBerry plans typically come in two flavors - BIS and BES.

    BIS is BlackBerry Internet Service, and typically used by individuals with no corporate BlackBerry Server. With it you get access to the Internet through your BlackBerry's Browsers, and delivery of up to 10 POP or IMAP email accounts to your device. It typically does NOT include tethering (using your BlackBerry as a modem) or Texting (SMS/MMS messaging).

    BES is BlackBerry Enterprise Service, and is typically used by companies that have their own BES Servers. BES pushes email to the device upon arrival (rather than polling every 15 minutes like BIS), and also provides wireless synchronization of the Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, and Memo Pad. Up to 10 POP or IMAP accounts can also be used like BIS. Individuals can acquire Hosted BES service.

    Note that BIS 2.3 is due out soon (they may even be doing it at this moment - the Cingular/AT&T BIS site is currently "temporarily unavailable due to maintenance"!). BIS 3 promises more BES like performance in delivery of email and some other goodies.

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    Re: Help on setting up Fido BIS

    If you are adding a shaw email address you will not be able to set it up. Shaw does not allow pop or stmp access to their servers.

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    Re: Help on setting up Fido BIS

    I was getting the same unknown system error message when i tried to setup my blackberry.
    This is due to your blackberry not registering properly on their side, what i had to do was remove the battery on my blackberry put it back in and wait about 1 hour, after that i had no problem.
    BTW the fido website is:

    Hope this helps

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