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hi all, i have a question that i have googled and found mixed answers on ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Flash a cdma smartphone with a bad esn to a carrier such as MetroPCS?


    hi all, i have a question that i have googled and found mixed answers on so here goes....

    I'm wondering if it's possible to flash a smartphone such as a blackberry, htc phones, or android phones from sprint or verizon with bad esns over to MetroPcs......reason why i want to do this is because

    1) metro has crap phones
    2) i am on a tight budget
    3) i need a phone with good internet access, at a good price

    i also want to get a clear answer on what happens when you flash a cell phone. is it true that if you flash the phone over to Metro that you can't do picture and MMS messaging? and is it true that they won't allow internet surfing on the smart phone? all of this i have found around the internet and it has succeeded in confusing me! some say the phone will work fine, and some say it wont. any help is appreciated....thanks pinstackers!

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    Okay I was in the same boat here in Chicago. And I have a flashed Evo 4g on cricket and everything works, but I live in a basement apt and my signal drops a lot but when I'm outside I get all 4 or 5 bars and 3g but I only use my WiFi connection at home. The helpful guys or at xda have a complete walk-through on how to flash a cdma phone give that a look. I payed someone to flash mine then found the information on xda. So it can be done

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