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The rumours are true! Fido is to launch the BlackBerry service on February 4th. That's ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Thumbs up Fido to launch BlackBerry service on February 4th!


    The rumours are true! Fido is to launch the BlackBerry service on February 4th.

    That's the good news. The "bad" news is they are only launching with the Pearl 8100.

    Where's the love Fido? Why can't we get at least a 8120?

    Now as the rumours fly Fido will see a 8220 flip in Q2 and the 8900 in Q3. (This is unconfirmed of course).

    Also forgotten is Fido's recent commitment to disposing of the 3 year contract in favour of the more user friendly 2 year contracts. The rumour (unconfirmed) is that the 8100 will start at $400 for no contract or month to month and $350 for 2 year contract. With the kicker being $50 for a 3 year contract.

    Data plans will apparently be the same as Rogers. This comes as no surprise to most.

    The main differentiator will be that Fido does not require you to have a minimum of $45 plan for you to get the Pearl 8100 with a 3 year contract for only $50.

    Yay, thanks Fido.

    As far as this stacker is concerned it's about time Fido joined the team but I would be more excited about this venture if Rogers saw fit to give us the 8220 or 8900 to kick it off. Also, would it be so difficult to find some reasonable 2 year pricing people?

    I'll keep you posted as I know more about specifics and get confirmations.
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    Just an update for those who are not aware or haven't hopped on the bandwagon. The rumors are true, and I actually have just added the $15 BIS unlimited email and messenger option and it works great.

    It's about time Fido got blackberry up and running.

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