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If you are a Canadian BB user with either Bell/Telus ot Rogers No doubt you ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Calling all Canadians!


    If you are a Canadian BB user with either Bell/Telus ot Rogers No doubt you are furious about data prices here in Canada as opposed to the prices we see in the US.

    The reasons we have prices so high are many, lack of competition etc. The big one is we do not make an issue of it with our carriers. Once one drops, the other will have to follow to compete.

    So whoever you are with, everybody benifits when we voice our complaints to our carriers.

    So I would like to get the ball rolling and get some people calling, emailing, writting their carrier.

    Does anybody have emails of VP, Exec's etc of all the major carriers?


    If enough of us complain long enough and loud enough, we can get change! Who will join me?

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    Re: Calling all Canadians!

    I'm not in Canada but what you can doo is file formal complaints with your customer service departments, as well as ask for a fax or email to customer relations, or the president of the company, and start a petition. I would also if it's a real big deal find an attorney to see if you have a case, and usually with soem sort of mediation they could come up with a happy medium...hope that helps a little, to get you started

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