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Anoyone here try to use boost mobile service in any blackberry: the curve they offer ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Anoyone here try to use boost mobile service in any blackberry: the curve they offer or an unlocked one? I am currently useing one of Boost mobiles phones that they offer; the Motorola Clutch. the phone is just too basic for me and i am in the process of trying to get my Blackberry Pearl 8100 unlocked to use on their service and im not sure how well it will work. So im trying to find others that have tried with this process with any other blackberry or have used the blackberry boost mobile actually sells as their phone. I cant live with out Blackberry. Its been way too long now.

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    I have a boost blackberry. The curve that they offer is not "unlocked", its a CDMA phone. Meaning there is no SIM card. My girl has the clutch and her version uses the SIM. Boost is also coming out with newer phones that dont have the SIM. They also dont have the walkie-talkie feature, more commonly referred to as "chirp".

    I'm guessing that the Pearl that you're trying to get unlocked is a GSM. It comes from two clues. One you're trying to unlock it, CDMA phones cant be unlocked, they are reformatted or re-branded. Two, 8100 is a GSM model. The CDMA model of that same class of devices is 8130. If your device is a 8100 then you're never going to be able to use the boost SIM in that phone. No point in getting it unlocked.

    Your only option since you're with Boost is to get a Boost branded blackberry. You can either go and buy one at your favorite retailer. Or get one from ebay. At your retailer you may get a "credit" if you turn in your Clutch, whereas on ebay there is no such thing. You can also use the blackberry that's branded Nextel. That would be the 8350i. With that you can just switch your SIM and go. You will get "chirp" with that phone but you have to go through a process of getting the right service books onto that device, without which you'll only get phone and limited texting (no fancy data features). The information on how to do that along with the necessary service books are available online. Do not pay someone to do it for you unless you have loads of cash and your technical expertize is actually in the minus variety. Another option that you have is to go about acquiring a Sprint branded blackberry... but you run the risk of Boost telling you that they wont let you use that phone on their network. The way I see it, if you paid for the phone fair and square then they shouldn't have a problem, unless the phone was reported as lost/stolen or the previous user has a bill(s) that they didn't pay. I personally haven't met anyone that actually uses a Sprint branded phone on the Boost network.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you haev more questions.

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    i have boost blackberry and im looking for new blackberry messegener friends. im mostly looking for lesbians because im a lesbian too. my pin is 31463AD6

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