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Hi all, im evaluating a discounted BB 8700 plan by TIM (ITALY), but im new ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Blackberry APN, how does it work?


    Hi all,
    im evaluating a discounted BB 8700 plan by TIM (ITALY), but im new to BlackBerry and i dont know too much how all this stuff works.
    I hope some of you can help me understand this...

    The plan is composed of three parts:

    a) "BlackBerry Easy Mail": Fee 10 (ten) euro/month
    This plan includes unlimited email traffic to the APN. This plan does not includes traffic through other APNs (WAP.TIM, etc...)

    b) "Free Internet" Option: Fee 0 (zero) euro/month
    unlimited internet traffic through BB APN -> included in the monthly fee
    internet traffic through other APNs -> calculated on the user profile fare

    c) BB 8700 rent: Fee 0E/month 0 (zero) euro/month

    My questions/thoughts:
    1) The email traffic [a] is the one i generate to/from the BIS (no BES available for me). So i suppose I cant *directly* use other pop3/imap account (i must do BIS check'em for me or i should fwd all the mail the the BIS account), right?

    2) How does the BB deal with internet traffic? I've read some post about TCP options (in order to use sw like chat,vnc,ssh etc..) but, if i've understood correctly, they talk about using the WAP APN, so i suppose that with option [b] I can only navigate with the integrated browser and i cant do anything like these for free... Am i right? :cry:

    3) (if im right on the point 2) i suppose using BB as a tethered modem is not free too :/

    4) Is BB's Google Talk support usable with [b] Option (so inside APN) or is it WAP-traffic related too?

    PS more technically (if someone knows/wants to talk about it) when u are inside the BB APN u get an internal ip? do they limit the traffic by passing through a proxy (and stop other tcp ports) or whatelse?. Is there any info available about it?


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    Re: Blackberry APN, how does it work?

    1) Not sure i understand. But i think yes from what I gather you are asking.

    2) Yes third party aps can use TCP seee:

    3) Internet, will be including as part of your data usage. No extra charge for unlimited data plans.

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    Re: Blackberry APN, how does it work?

    Welcome to Pinstack, Ecio. If I understand your post correctly, it looks like you have all you need to access the internet and receive email. As to setting up your BIS, it depends which version of BIS you provider has implemented. If it is BIS 2.x, You can set it up to poll other POP and IMAP servers to pull emails and forward them to your Device. Depending on the account it can be as long a 15 minutes between polling, but some accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo may be instantanious depending on agreements your carrier has with RIM and the email providers. BIS 1.8 can also be set to poll other accounts but there is no integration.

    I believe that Google Talk uses the BB APN, so should be free. Some third party accounts use other APNs and you may be charged for additional data.

    Hope this helps and again welcome to the stacks
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    Re: Blackberry APN, how does it work?

    @hydn: i understand that other apps use TCP, the problem is that with that internet offer I have unlimited usage *ONLY* through BB.NET APN, and reading the page you link it seems to me that that TCP traffic is sent through other APN, like WAP/GPRS ones (and it'd be charged for it)

    @Rcbjr: i believe it too because i think that if there's an agreement between google and rim, it would make sense that they use BB APN for the connection.

    btw thank you both!

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