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  • Sprint/Nextel

    20 9.22%
  • T-Mobile

    66 30.41%
  • Cingular

    60 27.65%
  • Verizon

    35 16.13%
  • Other

    36 16.59%
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this poll should be re-issued for 2008.... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    this poll should be re-issued for 2008.

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    T-Mobile. Prices are the best. Phone selection is the worst!

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    Re: Best service Provider

    I have alltel and i live in chicago and i love it i will never switch to anyone else i use to live in florida when i got it 3 years ago i have 2 line and my bill is 136.00 total a month and on my blackberry i have ever feature you could have nights start at 7, 20 my circle, unlimited text, & mms 2000 min, and roaming for the last year never went over min but 2 months ago talktime was 23,000 min and 7000 text between both line and my bill was still 136.00 with tax. my company provides me with a t-mobile blackberry curve and 2 weeks ago my dad was in the hospital and i swear i got no signal in there and my tmobile is from chicago but my alltel from florida had a full signal. well just wanted to share that and give my input so to me i will never switch from alltel one more thing i was told by att,us cellular,t-mobile,sprint and verison to keep alltel cause non of then could match what i have for the same price but if someone think one of them could let me know please cause i want that new storm or bold but alltel dont have it so if anyone know how i could match alltel please please let me know
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