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I have been waiting, like many others, for the CMDA Curve to hit the stores ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Alltel New 8330 Curve Registration Requirement??


    I have been waiting, like many others, for the CMDA Curve to hit the stores for months, and it did today! I was really looking forward to purchasing one at Alltel. They had them available...however, here's my story...

    I am in my office everyday, my computer is on all day long, and I am very happy with being able to hot-sync my Palm device. I also am a long-time customer of Alltel, and I prefer not to give up my 'now really cheap' monthy cell rate. But, I really want to carry only one device, and I really want it to be the new Curve.

    So, I want to use the new Curve to hold all my contacts, calendar, etc. via hot-sync, and continue to enjoy the 'now really cheap' monthy rate by not adding a data subscription...hey, I sync it everyday anyhow! I walk into the Alltel store ready to pay full price in cash with no discounts, and transfer my Alltel number, and they tell me the Curve phone will not work without a registration code that they cannot provide unless I subscribe to the Alltel data plan.

    Can you help me? Is a work-around option available? Do I buy an unlocked phone? Or, is the Alltel staff at my local store incorrect?

    Please help!! THANK YOU!

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    i haven't heard of this registration code, but i haven't used a cdma phone in ages. i know with ATT if you don't subscribe to the bb data plan, you can't send MMS messages, but that is i think the only restriction.

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    I have Alltel as my carrier, and have a pearl at this time but am getting a curve soon. It has been my experience with both Alltel and other CDMA carriers require data plans on phones made for data like bb's. I really suspect it's policy rather than technical "have to".

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    I agree that it is policy for them not to sell you a curve device without you signing up for a data plan. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to change your plan because I had manipulate my account to accomodate the curve.

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