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ITS A MYTH! They don't exist, I was just on hold for 70 minutes, yes ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Thumbs down Alltel customer service?


    ITS A MYTH! They don't exist, I was just on hold for 70 minutes, yes thats 1 hour and 10 minutes before i decided to hang up. I searched the gps problem on alltel over google and allot of people are having it. But some aren't, so I don't know, but I can only imagine alltel's phones are getting blown up. So I should try to get ahold of someone in the cancelation department, just to talk to a human, and if they try to transfer me I'll swear revenge on them and their family.

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    Re: Alltel customer service?

    I have been there with AT&T and feel your pain. That's why I joined Pinstack. I think this is a problem that all carriers seem to have though. If you get hold of an actual person... BRING THE PAIN! Good Luck.

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    Re: Alltel customer service?

    Hey Cash,

    Sorry you had such a bad experience with Alltel. I have been with Alltel for years and rarely ever had a problem with their Customer Service department as it relates to an extended hold time. The longest I have ever waited when I had a personal account was about 20 or minutes which is manageable to me. Now that I am a business customer, my hold time is less than 5 minutes. I work in the 9-1-1 industry so I'm not affiliated with Alltel in anyway so just to throw that out there.

    I have never had issues with Alltel service either so one bad experience hopefully doesn't ruin it for you.

    Good luck in the future...
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