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Are you guessing at there being a grandfather clause or is this a proven fact ... C Spire/Cellular South forum

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    Are you guessing at there being a grandfather clause or is this a proven fact from the merger agreement. Unless its a law nothing says they must grandfather us in. If so that would be great for us who love our Alltel service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azstar View Post
    Alltel has "In" and Mycircle for all those not in my network.....I want it all! Pay the extra$$$$ vzw will cost me and I'll stop whining lol

    Why would I convince people I know to switch to an expensive gps crippling cell carrier anyway??

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    Azstar, I'm sure you've seen in the news that the Verizon-Alltel deal is going down Jan. 9. It'll be interesting to see if anything changes in contracts, services, notifications, etc. I remember you posting about the tough time you had with Verizon in AZ some time back and now you're with Alltel.

    I'm back to Alltel in Little Rock - it's always been great here. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll reduce prices. When I compared, Alltel was more expensive than Verizon here.
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