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From Dark Grey to Blue for the 9000 OTA: Download zip file below:... Bold 9000/9700 Themes forum

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    ask me

    9000: Blue Scroll Today Plus


    From Dark Grey to Blue for the 9000


    Download zip file below:
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    Love the theme best one out there to me. I have found one thing that could be look at.
    When you get on myspace and you go to send a message you can't see what you are saying
    till after you send it. Its the same when you go to your tx messaging and you try to pick who you
    Want to send it to you get see the name. Just to let you know.
    But like I said the best ideal for a theme I have seen like the way your going with it.
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    Great theme. Outstanding work on it.
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    Really nice theme good work, any way you could do red next it will match really good with my case thanks!! pin:24A54EC4
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