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I want to hear from anyone running a 3Gs with the latest baseband that went ... iPhone Jailbreaking forum

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    "tethered" JB on new iPhone 3Gs


    I want to hear from anyone running a 3Gs with the latest baseband that went ahead and did a jailbreak. (Now you must run blackra1n each time you reboot your phone)

    Is it that much of an inconvenience? And how often do you really find yourself rebooting your phone and having to run blackra1n?

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    only an inconvenience if you reboot your phone.

    If you have to go on a plane ride or somewhere your going to be away from a charger for a while yeah its probably best not to be jailbroken, for all other situations its not so bad.

    I have been using mine jailbroken since nov and once you get past the initial basic jailbroken things that require reboot, ie: winterboard, appsync, backgrounder, tethering settings, etc. you can usually get by with a respring if you have any problems with your phone.

    Go ahead and do it, its not that bad!
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