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Hey All, I need to know if jailbreaking my phone will cause me to loose ... iPhone Jailbreaking forum

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    Question Noob question....New iPhone User...


    Hey All,
    I need to know if jailbreaking my phone will cause me to loose all my apps that I have purchased or downloaded for free? I am interested in this jailbreaking you speak off but not so sure I can do it with out screwing something up. I think I will try it on my 2nd Gen iPod Touch. Then if the is successful there is no reason it won't work on my 3GS...right?

    Oh and if I jailbreak that doesn't mean I have to unlock the phone too correct? I am quite happy with AT&T. No need to go to a different carrier since I come from verizon.

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    If you have synced the applications into iTunes, you will have them backed up. Jailbreaking will not make you lose any apps. It does not unlock your iPhone, that is a seperate app.

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    when I got mine jailbroken all the apps were still on the phone, it didnt reset it or anything.
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