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Does anyone have any experience with using their new Iphone 3G/S going to the Middle ... iPhone Jailbreaking forum

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    International use on a US Based I-Phone 3G/S


    Does anyone have any experience with using their new Iphone 3G/S going to the Middle East (Israel) or Europe? Can you share any info regarding the usage of your phone, what you had to do to get it to work there-

    I am almost a "Jumper" going from Bold to Iphone, with the Bold, you simply go to the Int Service and pay them for a agreed usage period, You pop in the new sim card and off you run, that is (Provided you have a fully unlocked Bold)

    Does the I-Phone work the same way?

    Lastly, and most importantly to me, I have heard talk about purchasing a new Apple iPhone 3G/S32 that comes "Unlocked" from Apple, is this true, does anyone know how you can do that or how much it cost to get a unlocked phone from Apple, or does it work the same way? you call AT&T and they give you a unlock code?

    Thank You
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    I don't have any experience with going overseas and the use of the iPhone.

    As for the other question, the iPhone can be purchased from another County like Australia (i think) where the phone is unlocked by default due to government regulations but you will pay upwards of $800 US dollars for it. If the phone gets damaged or needs returned to Apple for any reason I don't think a US Apple store will honor the unlock feature and you my end up with another phone that is locked if you had to replace the phone.

    US iPhones are unlocked using software and a PC or Mac is required. To Unlock an iPhone you first need to Jailbreak it and after Jailbreaking the iPhone then the next step to Unlock it is pretty easy and is just another simple software install.

    The 3G can be done easy but as of this post the 3GS is another story and for those not very, very familiar with process I do not recommend it at all. You can brick the iPhone very easy. (See how to restore your iPhone for more details)

    Give it another 30 days and I think the 3GS Jailbreak and Unlock will be stable and easy to do. It's just to soon after the 3GS release and for the fact that Apple is releasing 3.1 update there is no reason to rush out any Jailbreak or Unlock software.

    Yes, when you update the iPhone software through Apple and iTunes it un-does everything you have done like Jailbreak. It's the old story or one chasing the other to remain one step ahead of the other.

    You could also buy a used 3G that is already Jailbroken and Unlocked and take it with you and simply insert a new SIM from overseas and it's should work fine.
    That may not help to much b/c of the obvious being all your important data is on your 3GS or daily use phone back in the US. Although it would be a 2 minute iTunes sync to put
    all the data on the unlocked 3G before leaving.
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