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Many already know how I feel about Ads so I'm always searching for solutions to ... iPhone Jailbreaking forum

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    Block Ads on your iPhone


    Many already know how I feel about Ads so I'm always searching for solutions to STOP the Ads from gaining control of MY screen.

    You will need to be Jailbroken and have software version 2.0 or later. This hack has been thoroughly tested in iPhone Software Version 3.0 as well


    1. Install OpenSSH and set up Cyberduck on your computer. Don't know how? Click Here.
    2. Navigate to /etc/.
    3. Download this replacement hosts file.
    4. Drag that file to the Cyberduck window. Click on Replace when it asks you to.
    5. Restart your iPhone!
    Your mobile internet browsing should now be ad free!


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    Great tip..will give this a try later today.

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    never really had a problem with ads before but it does seem to add quite a few to the blocked list
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