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Originally Posted by beeshabo delfim - Here's Ratons LAST POST Raton: Welcome to the club ... iPhone Jailbreaking forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by beeshabo View Post
    delfim - Here's Ratons LAST POST

    Raton: Welcome to the club . I used to have a free turn by turn gps on all my previous bb's but now I have three running on one big screen device for free. Play mame games and customize the hell outta my phone and best of all with 0 crashes or battery pulls whereas with my bb's I would seriously have had from 5 to 11 battery or ctrl/alt/del's in a day. I'm not bashing bb's at all for they all were great phones to me but if you don't venture into something new you'd never know what you're missing out on. I made the switch and don't regret it at all. Btw, time to update your profile
    I´m a BB guy.
    I know raton's reasons and his new found love. He treats his phone like his mistresses (if you read this raton, this is a figure of speech...) He uses them and then dumps them ! So I say, he'll be back !
    I do have a iPhone 3Gs - my wife uses it and won´t have any other... she´ll vitrually kick me out the house if I take the iPhone for a few minutes... in actual fact all programs that the iPhone has, I install them for her, ´cause she couldn´t care less about those. As long as letters are big, the screen is big and easy, the phone and sms works fine she´s ok. And she plays with the voice recorder and the piano (she sings as a hobby) and all is fine !
    But as I said earlier in this thread, if I do pick it up it´s just for a brief period and I go back to the BB ! Whichever one...although I prefer the 9700.
    As for battery pulls I don´t do these lately with the 9700. It´s a very stable OS. Once a week I use Quickpull (not that I need to) on schedule for a clean up. It works and keeps my 9700 humming. As well as the S1.

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    That's a lot of battery pulls (5 to 12) I would switch phones too. I don't have that problem neither my g.f. Both have had bb since the 8100. And only have had to return one phone and that was a refurb (hope that doesn't change now)and between the two of us we've had 8 BB. My 25 cents(inflation)

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    I've had like 6 blackberries and just made the switch to the iphone. I got to say so far so good. The amount of apps can be overwhelming but I already have found most of the apps I used on the blackberry and installed them on my iphone. Because of this transition should be smooth. I think the thing I'll have to get used to most is the way iphone handles emails which isnt as instant, or doesnt alert you with customized leds/sounds. I'm sure this shouldnt be so hard for iphone or other developers on the jailbreak side to figure out.

    Oh yea, just wanted to add that all the apps that I used on blackberry and now have them on iphone look way prettier

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