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    I've had my HTC HD7 for about 2 weeks now just wanted to share some of the best apps I've used so far. Hoping that others do too and we can all benefit. All apps I mention are free, unless noted otherwise. So, without further adieu...

    Twitter: Birdsong by Red Badger, $1.99. - I've tried the it, Seesmic, the offical twitter WP7 app & Beezz. Birdsong is by far the best... though not without fault. The only major things it lacks to date are push notifications to announce @'s/DM's and the ability to autofill @users you're replying to.
    (Sidebar: I use Beezz for my push notifications of tweets then view them via Birdsong).

    Time keeping: Quick Timer - Simple countdown timer that rings when alarm is due and runs under locked screen.

    Note keeping: Office instead of HTC Notes. Both don't allow you to call any numbers you write down in the app but Office allows you to pin individual notes on your start screen.

    News: News360 - Awesome news app that not only shows you headlines but also cross references different media publications (in case you want a different perspective on the story). You are also able to share stories via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

    Supplemental: Attentive Phone - Not quite sure why these features didn't come standard to WP7 phones allows your phone to ring quieter when you physically pick it up, makes the phone ring louder when it's in your pocket/a bag, flipping the phone over turns it to speakerphone, and flip to mute the ringer when the phone is ringing. All of these are optional and can be turned on or off.

    Weatherbug - Not the prettiest app ever created but does give you weather conditions on the live tile in addition to easy viewing of forecasts, radar activity, etc.

    What apps do you like the best? Let talk about it...
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