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    Youtube Video

    I think that this will be a big hit on the social scene as this app is more widely known. This app offers a clever cross between Facebook and Twitter by allowing people to share their images from there phone in an instant. You can "watch" peoples Feed exclusive, comment on there images or videos, and get peoples feeds that are near your location. I believe this will prove to blow up on the scene once word of this is out. Here is the description:

    Mobli is the groundbreaking visual media community that allows you to view, consume and share any moment captured through photos or videos with everyone around the globe in real-time. With Mobli, you can truly view life through the eyes of friends, family, celebrities and the rest of the world.

    Check out this video to see what you can do with Mobli:

    TechCrunch - “Mark my words - Mobli will be the blowout photo sharing app of the year.” - “There's a lot that's right about Mobli.”

    Business Insider - “Watch Out Instagram And Color: Mobli Just One-Upped You At The Photo-Sharing Game.”

    Whether you’re at a concert, just spotted a celebrity, or simply enjoying life, Mobli provides the entire world a community to connect, comment and share with one another at any time. Each shared moment is guaranteed to spark a conversation.

    Unlike other social media communities where content is shared only by following or connecting with individuals, Mobli combines that with the ability to view all content through custom channels sorted by location, subject or person. You can even view what’s trending and what’s going on around you or anywhere else in the world instantly through our live feed.

    Mobli even provides a large collection of image filters to enrich any captured moment. Better yet, Mobli’s one of a kind image filter system allows for custom location-aware filters designed for specific locations, events, dates, or categories.

    * You can even integrate and share through Facebook and Twitter directly from the app!

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    Thanks. Will check after installing new ROM.

    Strange occurance tonight, no longer trust this one.

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