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Recently I became interested in finding lost mobiles as it was the case with many ... Android Apps & Downloads forum

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    Mobile GPS helps in finding lost mobile at great speed!


    Recently I became interested in finding lost mobiles as it was the case with many of my friends. Somehow I managed to pull one lost mobile back using GPS. Unknowingly I chanced to browse one site from Pakistan which offered such services at small pricing.

    Let’s see how it works. Installing tracking system using GPS in your cellular is very simple and a great number of the mobile phone carriers worldwide offer this kind of feature to their subscribers.

    Firstly, set which ever wireless carriers offer the best possible coverage in the region wanted, and the optimum communication per the user's demands. Next, discover the best phone to go with that carrier. Third, choose the service plan to enable GPS tracking that well suits the user's wants.

    One handy tracking choice is named Geo-fencing. GeoFencing is a feature which says the cell phone to get started on tracking only if it gets in or exits a certain pre-specified area. At this point, the user can use a choice to receive an alert, either via email or text. GeoFencing is not a continuing form of tracking, but lets the user to track person only when they are at home, school, or the office.

    Other selections include real time GPS placing. With this feature, the person would be able to track someone in their computer system through a carrier's website instantaneously. Employers can apply GPS phone tracking to keep track of employees. While most of this may sound like an invasion of privacy, this option can refine performance, reduce dump and better safety for employees.
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    Thanks for your post..I have been searching for GPS tracking services..where I checked some references which are quite useful & similar to the features you have given ..Can we track through google maps by using this service..
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    i saw on the news once they were testing out an app similar to this and in realtime someone actually stole the phone from the tester.

    they were able to apprehend the suspect and return the phone to its rightful owner. so this does attest to the ability of the software.

    my issue would be the pricing monthly. at&t offers something like this but not to track lost phones but to track people. who knows of similar apps that are free?!

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