Hey, all-- just got an iphone, exploring apps and forums and such.

I just bought the new game app Radical Publishing put out, Shrapnel. And I'm having a really good time with it (though I might be biased because I love the comic it's based on). Definitely worth my money, for 99 cents. I'm really happy with it.

Here's some info about the game from their website:
* 3rd person action-shooter game
* 16 epic missions with additional 5 secret missions and unlock codes
* Battle enemies across multiple inter-planetary terrains
* Complete missions and earn points to purchase weapon upgrades and power-up
* Compete against other gamers on the leader board
* Easy to learn and play for all levels
* Intelligent game engine changes difficulty to suit novice, intermediate and advanced gamers

Has anybody else picked this up? What do you think?