Please see NEW theme posting rules/guidelines below
  • Make sure to post your thread in the appropriate device category (genre sub-cats are encouraged, but not necessary)
  • Make sure to title your thread with the device and title/subject of your theme (ex. 81xx: Ladybugs)
  • Make sure you include in the post: device compatibility and OS compatibility
  • Your theme post MUST include screenshots
    • You can upload images to PinStack using the 'manage attachments' button, host your own images on a photo sharing site like photobucket or use the photo album feature under My Control Panel
    • To post images using a photo sharing site, simply take the image code, click the square with the mountain/moon in the toolbar and paste your img code in the space provided
  • Make sure to post your theme download files
    • When posting a zip/desktop download, you will need to ZIP (compress) the .alx AND .cod file and post the entire ZIP file by using the 'manage attachments' button or you can host the ZIP file on your own website or file sharing site like When posting a theme that you have hosted outside of PinStack, just copy/paste link inside the body of the post
    • When posting OTA/wireless download, you will need to post your .jad OTA link that is HOSTED on your own website or have PinStack host your OTA theme files. If you do not have your own website and are in need of OTA hosting, please send a PM to me and I will send you directions on how to get PinStack to host your OTA's for you... (see also: How to host OTA files)
    • Linking to external theme website is allowed ONLY if the site does NOT require registration for the download and the site is a theme ONLY site
  • You must be the maker of the theme you are posting
  • No preview threads. Only completed themes need to be posted
  • Donation buttons may be inserted into FIRST post of thread. Anything after the first post (OP) is considered spam
  • Premium or commercial themes may only be posted by members of PinStack Premium (one (1) year membership required) or Theme Experts/Stack Pro groups (these postions are Admin/Moderator approved)
If the above rules & guidelines are not met, your theme will be deleted from the forum and a PM will be sent to you regarding the rules violation.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Moderation Team in the form of a PM.