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Getting Rid of Bad Cydia Sources for Jailbreak iPhone OK... So we all have done ... iPhone Apps & Downloads forum

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    Getting Rid of BAD Cydia Sources


    Getting Rid of Bad Cydia Sources for Jailbreak iPhone

    OK... So we all have done it..

    Mistype a Cydia source or the user added source goes bad. There can be numerous reasons. You edit the the cydia.list in

    / private/ etc/ apt/ sources.list.d/
    using iFile, but every time you add another source, you get the invalid sources you previously entered to come back.. risen from the dead. You'll see an error such as:

    Error: Refreshing Data
    GPG error: **Link Here**
    Release: The following signatures were invalid: NO DATA 1 NO DATA 2

    Failed to fetch
    **Link Here** packages.bvz2 Sub-process bzip2 returned an error code (2)

    Some index files failed to download, they have been ingored, or old ones used instead.
    Well, there is a fix. After a great deal of searching, I found some other locations where these sources are hidden. But, it is not as easy to fix as I thought.

    First, you must edit the the cydia.list in

    / private/ etc/ apt/ sources.list.d/
    using iFile, deleting all references to the bad source. Save and exit.

    Second, go to

    / private/ var/ lib/ cydia
    delete out your bad url in the metadata.plist file.

    However, you cannot edit a .plist file extension via iFile on your jailbroken iPhone. So the plot thickens. Basically you have to transfer the metadata.plist file to your computer and edit it using a .plist editor.

    To edit the metadata.plist you must first connect your iPhone to your computer via ssh. To connect using ssh, look here:

    This will allow you to copy the metadata.plist file to your computer.

    In addition to connecting your iPhone to your computer using ssh, you will need a program to edit the .plist file on your computer - notepad will not do it.

    For PC, I used pledit:

    For Mac, you can use Text Wangler:

    Once you copy the metadata.plist file to your computer, make a backup of the file by changing the extension to .bak and then copy the file again to your computer... Just in case things go wrong, you have a backup you can reload back into your iPhone.

    Now, once you have the metadata.plist onto your computer, open it up with your plist editor.

    Using Edit>Find... type the address of the bad link in (it may have to be just a unique word) ... I found all my bad addresses at the very end of the file. For example, I had to delete:

    <key>deb:</key> <dict> <key>Distribution</key> <string>./</string> <key>Type</key> <string>deb</string> <key>URI</key> <string></string> </dict>
    due to a mistype.

    Once I had the metadata.plist file without the bad sources, I moved the file back into my iPhone using my existing ssh connection through, in my case, winSCP... But if you are on a mac, it would be Cyberduck.

    Of cource, you want to replace the old one with the new, noting you should have a backup if indeed things go wrong.

    Once you have that file replaced, there are other locations you need to delete.

    So, Third, in:

    you should see files that have the name of the bad source. I used iFile (within my iPhone) to find and delete these files with the bad source. Of course, you can also use ssh, but I find swiping from left to right and deleting the file within iFile (using the iPhone's interface) satisfying.

    The Fourth location is:

    / private/ var/ lib/ apt/ list/ partial
    delete out any files with the bad url in the name.

    Now, you should be good. Respring the iPhone after disconnection from ssh.

    iLord is DEAD!

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    I have recently started using cydia. This guide is very helpful for me. thanks a lot for sharing this

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