I recently upgraded to the new BBM6 and quickly discovered I wasn't able to send pictures to my BBM contacts as I could before. A quick Google search revealed this was an issue with the beta version which a lot of people are still experiencing.

For me, when I attempted to send a picture directly from the camera application I got an "Invalid..." error. When I saved the picture to my memory card and attempted to send it from there, it simply would not allow me to hit the "OK" button to send as I could only edit the caption or go to cancel. So I thought I would post this as a tip for those who run into the same issue as this apparently just happens at random with random devices and random pictures.

If this is the same thing anyone else is experiencing, I have discovered that the only way to send pictures to BBM contacts is to have the picture stored on the device itself. Its a lousy workaround, but I like having the integration with other apps, so I will deal with it until there is (hopefully) an update to fix it. I just changed my default save location for my pictures to my device as I don't tend to keep pictures on my phone long anyway.

So hopefully this will help someone else out who is also having this problem with BBM6 as I didn't know about this issue prior to downloading it and would imagine a lot of others don't as well.

I've also read several places that they have removed the ability to share what music you're listening to, which we're supposed to find out why next week. Apparently they're adding something, what I don't know, that they claim will be far better. So I guess we will just have to wait and see for that

Hope this helps!