Remko's Mobile Forum, the fastest growing mobile forum EXCLUSIVE for Blackberry® smart-phones, has reached 133,000+ users and still counting.

REMKO's Forum is an application EXCLUSIVE for Blackberry devices where you can discuss the latest News & Events, Politics, Gossip, Music, Sports, Religion, Fashion, Love & Relationships, etc. with other Blackberry owners WORLDWIDE.

Want more? You may also exchange images, ringtones and other files with others, all on the go! Simply post and exchange. That's right, no more need to be tied down to a PC in order to meet, discuss and share with other like-minded individuals...

A NEW VERSION 1.9.5 with many great features such as is NOW available;
* Facebook and Twitter integration
* Create your own personal and private forum, for you and your FRIENDS only.
* A brand new "Ask an Expert" section where you can submit your questions to many experts; MEDICAL Dr., Pharmacist, RIM Developer, Automotive Tech, Teachers, etc... (all experts have been reviewed and licenses confirmed)

* Friendly User Interface...
* Engage in some great discussions regarding current events, love & relationships, controversial issues, technology, fashion, etc; the topics are endless!
* RSS feeds where not only can you read what's in the news but also discuss it wit other like-minded individuals from all over the world.
* Express your individuality with your own unique avatar and profile
* Post and exchange media files & documents

...and of course, some improvements on the already awesome and innovative features!

Download it today from AppWorld or MobiHand superstores - ITS FREE!

Remko's Forum isn't a "BLACKBERRY NEWS" type of Forum... We are NOT in competition with Blackberry/Smartphone Blogs/Forums. Other forums, such as Pinstack- do that well and we RESPECT what they do. Remko's Forum is a forum for EVERY THING else!!! NOT specific to smartphones. If you have other interests, aside from blackberry and gadgets - such as current events, controversial issues, love & relationships, automobiles, homework help, or simply want to meet new people from all over the world, etc. you might want to check it out.