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wow....praying for his family :-( you will me missed Jeremy... Site Announcements & help forum

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    wow....praying for his family :-( you will me missed Jeremy

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    This is so very sad. Im speechless. Prayers continuing for his family. Jer, you will be missed by so many. RIP my friend.
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    This is a very sad day. I'm just sitting here staring at the wall and like so many speechless indeed. Prayers will continue for the family, I know Jeremy is in a far better place. Yes Glenn he will me missed and in our thoughts for quite some time. May God bless the family and help them through this very tough time. I think of his children and want to cry.
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    As we go through life we meet a lot of people. Some we like, some like us back. If we are really fortunate we meet someone who makes a mark, an impression that makes us all the better for having known them.

    Jeremy was one of those people. What's most remarkable he did it through a medium that is known for being cold an impersonal, the internet. I never met the man face to face, never had even the privilege of hearing his voice. It wasn't needed. His warmth and kindness transcended the restrictions the internet placed on it. He was helpful, going out of his way to help me, even when it had been years since we communicated, and he did it without my asking. We were truly blessed knowing him.

    Jeremy had faith, and I'm sure he faced this with the strength that provided him. Pinstack, our lives, were better for having known him. I know he is with his saviour, I know he is now safe and at peace. While we are sad at his passing, lets take comfort in that.

    May God bless his family. May He be with them in this time of sadness and loss.


    May the road rise up and meet you,

    May the wind be always at your back,

    May the sun shine warm upon your feet,

    The rains fall soft upon your feilds,

    And until we meet again,

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
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    ask me
    Rest in Peace TH, we all will miss you, thanks for all you did, thanks for helping many of us become the knowledge people we are, as an old time pinstacker all i can say is THANKS.

    See you there buddy
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    I have a huge weight on my chest and pain in my heart. Jeremy was a good friend of mine. We've worked together as testers for bellshare from the beginning. I talked to him just last week and still have the message saying I butt dialed him by accident. I will definitely miss you Jeremy. You were a kind soul, loving husband and father. I hope you have a wonderful spot up there. Lots of bb's surrpunding you and playbook that works.

    My thoughts go out to his wife, children, family and friends.
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    I'm just at a loss for words. What a sad day. We will keep his family in our prayers :'-(
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    I don't have any words. Nothing seems appropriate. As a family, as a group, we have been dealt a blow.
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