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It has come to my attention that a user was banned for three months due ... Site Announcements & help forum

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    questions regarding bans??


    It has come to my attention that a user was banned for three months due to posting a link to his themes. Apparently this site that he linked to is not highly regarded here at PinStack. When a user is banned, is this a decision made by one moderator or a collective decision made by a group? What determines the length of the ban? Is a person's good standing and fact that they have never had issues here at PinStack prior to this taken into account?

    I am hoping to gain some insight as to how these types of decisions are made.

    If you choose to remove my post, then I would also like for you to remove my account out of protest for this obvious biased treatment of one user.

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    I would be interested to know this information as well. If someone is banned for something so simple... I am sure I will be banned soon as well

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    Absolutely nobody was banned for such action, you were misinformed.

    And in answer to your question, unless it is a spammer, nobody gets banned unless they have repeatedly broken forum rules. All decisions to warn, infract, or ban users are never decided by just one moderator. All issues are discussed at length and decisions are made by the moderation and administrative team...never by just one moderator.
    Hope that helps clear things up
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    Thanks so much for answering my questions, I appreciate it.

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    Ask via
    Hey Brookie! No worries the mods here are pretty cool
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    Mods please close this. There's been an influx of trouble makers here lately. Here we have a thread started by someone who signed up just few days ago and their very first post begins with "It has come to my attention". Please! PinStack is FULL educated professionals, starting posts like these isn't going to help your cause. Want dialog? Simply reply to our original messages.

    If any our valued members would like to see the guidelines for banning etc please see the forum rules or as the rules also imply, send me a pm or email we'll be happy to talk with you about any of your concerns.

    With the problem of some users who like to return for trouble at certain times it will help verify your membership status if you also include your forum username and use the email you signed up with OR even better simply send me a private message from your PinStack account. That way we are not wasting time with persons that already know forums and rules quite well.

    Thanks all, see you in the Stacks!
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