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I didn't know where 2 post this question... But, since yall have changed the PinStack ... Site Announcements & help forum

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    I didn't know where 2 post this question... But, since yall have changed the PinStack site, my PinStack profile always shows that I have 0 messages (read, unread, answered and unanswered) evan after I post. Before yall changed the site I had 6 or 7 read messages and counting... But those disappeard and my new posts just never show up in my messages.

    And just on a personal note- why did yall change the PinStack symbol? I personally liked the old one better, but that's just me.

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    Hi tikim143, I think you are confusing posts with messages. Messages only refers to PM(Private Messages) not posts on the forums or even visitor messages, just private messages. They never did show in messages though.....

    This is not the 1st change in the logo, and it may not be the last, the site is ever growing, evolving, changing. Sorry you don't care for this one. Personally I like the darker colors in this one
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    When they did an update last month they posted a warning to everyone that Pinstack would be deleting all private messages. They asked that you save any messages that you wanted and also showed you how to do it.

    I'm still trying to get used to the new layout as well. I like the new logo's colors but like you I preferred the old one.

    Everyone dislikes change until another change comes around. We just go with the flow. At least we still have the stacks to keep us up to date.
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