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Hey there admins, and all others who might read this post. My question is: Is ... Site Announcements & help forum

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    Hey there admins, and all others who might read this post. My question is: Is there a way to get notifications of replies or unread replies to my posts sent to my bb email?

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    ~via BB (
    I'm not aware of this feature having been set up yet here on the Stacks

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    If I remember correctly, when you submit a new thread, you have the option of getting notifications sent via must elect such a request once you entered your thread... You just have to scroll down a tad further and the option will present itself... ~via BB (

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    There are a couple ways you can get notifications.

    1. Use the Thread Tools at the top of the first post in the thread. You can then click "subscribe to this thread" You will then have 4 choices No email notification, Instant Email Notification, Daily Updates, or Weekly updates. Then click Add Subscription.

    2. You can also set up notification preferences in your profile. From your computer you can click on Control Panel(right next to your name in the top right corner where you log in) then click on Edit Options. In the Messaging & Notification section there is a section for Default Thread Subscription Mode. This determines how you get notifications from threads you Start and threads you Reply to. You can choose Do not Subscribe, No Email Notification, Instant, Daily, or Weekly

    One side note on the instant notifications, once you get an instant notification on a thread you will not get another one on that thread unless you have activity on the forums so I am constantly clicking new page or refreshing the page if there's a thread I'm following but don't have time to reply to at the moment. I hope I explained that last part OK, it's only 4:45am here, not awake and my brain's still fuzzy.

    And there are other ways to navigate the forum options as well, for example you also could click on My Tools then Click on Edit Options
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    ~via BB ( thanks - good info!!

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    Thanks great info, only little trouble understanding the last part lol. Thanks again.~via BB (

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    Makes sense good info Aztar

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