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    New to BlackBerry or Pinstack? Please Read


    Don't know how to ask a question?...
    How to: Start a new thread or reply to a post.

    Okay, I am going to make this post for the new members that we have joining on a regular basis and find themselves overwhelmed when they log in here with all the information and categories.

    Obviously at one point or another, all of us took that first crucial step of joining the BlackBerry Community. Whether it was issued to you from your work, or you purchased it yourself, almost everyone can remember what it is like opening up that box for the first time, looking at the shiny new device before them and saying "Wow".

    Anytime you purchase something new such as a BlackBerry, you are going to be excited, but at the same time, you are going to be overwhelmed. So what do you do then? Well, you know what you did, you ran a google search for "Blackberry help" or "BlackBerry Forums" or whatnot, and you found yourself here.

    So this thread is hopefully going to help you start to get your feet wet into this website forum.


    Site Announcements/Help/Welcome

    This part of the site is generally where you want to start off, just to get yourself familiar with the community here.

    Okay, now before we get to the good stuff, let me throw one more thing in here. Whenever you make a post, try to title the post to give a summary of what the actual thread will contain.

    Example: If are going to ask a question like "Hey everyone, I was wondering, is there anyway that I can change the icons on my Zen theme", try and title it "Change Icons on Zen theme?" rather than titleing it something such as "Hey Everyone, whats up?". Not only will ensure you a quicker response, as the people who can help you will recognize the post quicker, but it will also help out other Stackers who may have the same question and they can easily recognize what the post is pertaining to.

    All right, now that we have gotten that part out of the way, you know, in all honesty the boring part of the site (Kind of like the FBI warning at the beginning of movies that you really don't want to watch, but you are forced to) now, lets get onto the good stuff.

    The forums as you can tell are broken down into numerous sub-forums, based on what information is found in them.

    The Search Button...
    Yes...We aren't going to get into a discussion about the good old search button. But we will go ahead and point out where it is. On the top of each page, you will find the "Search" button. This is especially good if you don't want to post a question because you are sure that it has been answered before, but you don't want to go browsing through all of the forums to try and find it. Also in the search area, you can search for other members of the site. To make things easier, here is a link right to the search page for Pinstack, until you get more familiar with it.


    Meet the Community

    The first thing that you may want to do after registering for the site and becoming a member of Pinstack, is to introduce yourself.

    You can head on over to the BlackBerry Social Networking forum to do so.

    Late at night and you can't sleep? Bored at work? Waiting on a train? Just want to chat? Then head over to the BB Messenger thread, and make yourself some new BerryFriends from all over the world!

    Or maybe you are going on vacation or on a business trip to a city you have never been to before. Or maybe heading to a town out in the middle of Iowa and wondering "What is there to do there?!" Head over to the "Where are you from" thread and you may just be surprised to see what parts of the world BlackBerry users are "infiltrating".

    Or maybe join in the Pinstack "BlackBerry Tag" game. You can kind of guess what that is...Digital Tag! Ever thought you would play the game "tag" with someone from Boston tagging you while you are at your office in Seattle?



    This is just to bring to your attention the Moderation team here. Throughout the forums, you may notice different users with their names different colors. Below, the color of the title corresponds to the position of a person with that color of name.

    The main functions of Global Moderators are:
    1. To keep order, peace and an atmosphere that maximizes the stickiness of the forums; it's reach being to the widest range of Blackberry owners.
    2. To work in conjunction with the Stack Admin to ensure the forum continues to meet the needs of members by means of private Moderator-Admin discussions.
    3. To mange thread activity, organization (threads posted in correct forums) and compliance with all forum rules.
    4. To mange forum Members (Stackers) ensuring their individual compliance with all forum rules.
    5. To be the main support for new forum members, answering FAQs, making Stackers feel welcomed and also directing them politely to the features of Pinstack which they can benefit from.
    6. To help ensure that threads don't go in the wrong direction. For example, flaming.
    The main functions of Stack Experts are:
    1. To work in conjunction with other Stack Experts to ensure that support questions receive attention (replies) and are resolved in a timely manner.
    2. To directed users by way of links to threads within Pinstack - if not found here, then externally - answers can be found.
    3. To work along with peers in the escalation of threads by posting a link to the thread within the Round Table forum and requesting feedback.
    4. To work along with Moderators in maintaining a support friendly and organized environment by informing them of trouble users or offending posts and escalating issues that threaten your support.
    Expected from ALL Team Members:
    1. To be of exemplary example to members in posts and replies. Thus, helping set the bar for respect, friendliness and accurate & reliable forum support and info.
    If at any time you need an issue or problem addressed, please feel free to contact any of those listed above listed. As we try our hardest to address all issues as quickly as possible (profane language, spam, dead links, etc).


    Home is Where The Heart is
    Cheesy, I know...Oh well...You will notice whenever you log onto Pinstack, the first place you are taken is the homepage. Articles that appear on the homepage are recent and mainly such things such as reviews, breaking news, etc. You will also see a chart showing RIM stock, for those of you who are keeping your eye on it. As you can see, the homepage is FILLED with information, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with it.

    Pinstack Home Page


    Device Forums

    One part of these forums breaks down devices into the specific type of models. Below you will find those forums listed, with examples of what kinds of posts are being made and discussed in them.

    BlackBerry 8800

    Blackberry 8700 series
    8700v, 8700r, 8700g, 8700c, 8700f, 8703e, 8705g, 8707g, 8707h, 8707v.

    Blackberry 8100 Pearl
    Discuss the new candy bar suretype Blackberry 8100..

    Blackberry 7100 series
    7100g, 7100i, 7100r, 7100t, 7105t, 7100v, 7100x, 7130c, 7130e, 7130g.

    And our forum admin has even been nice enough to make a forum for Non-BlackBerry devices (not that it gets used much)
    Non BB Phones and BlackBerry Connect


    Accessories and Reviews and Customizing

    Maybe you want to see what goodies are made for your new found love. Or maybe you are thinking of a particular accessory or program, and wondering what others have thought of them. That's where the following forums come into play.

    BB Parts and Accessories
    Discuss Bluetooth, cases, cradles, replacment parts and more.

    3rd Party Software
    Games, messaging software, productivity software...It's all here. Also make sure to visit the Pinstack Downloads Section,and the Pinstack OTA download section, where you can find most of these products already placed in one area for you to download.

    Pinstacker Reviews
    This section is a MUST read if you are thinking of purchasing new software or accessories for your device. Many people here already have purchased what you are thinking or buying, and here you will find their honest reviews. Have you purchased something and want to give a review on it? Go right ahead! Your thoughts and ideas on them will help the thousands of other users who are wondering about that product too!

    BlackBerry Discounts and Deals
    This section offers discounts and deals exclusively for Pinstack Members (yet another reason to make sure you are a member of the site) from different product manufacturers!

    Ringtones, Wallpapers and Themes, OH MY!
    In these forums, you will find answers to questions you may have about customizing your device. Wonder if an mp3 file will play as a ringer on your 7100g? Want to change the look of the menus on your device? Well this is the place to find it! While you are there, make sure to check out and thank fellow stackers SilentOne and SRL7741 for allowing us to customize our devices through all of their hard work!

    87 series themes
    71 series themes
    72 Series Themes


    RIM Software/Desktop Manager/
    BES-BIS/Mac Users

    Mac & Black
    You guessed it. A forum strictly for you Mac owners! Have problems with your Mac? Wondering how to sync with your Mac? Well head on over here and collaborate and brainstorm with the hundreds of other Mac owners.
    Few example of some posts in Mac & Black:

    BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server)
    Are you an Admin? Wondering how to set up and manage your BES policy? This is the forum to ask questions and share knowledge.
    Few examples of the posts there:

    RIM Desktop Software
    Having problems with your Desktop Manager program? This is the forum to find answers and ask questions!

    RIM Device Software
    This forum is to address problems and questions that you may have about the software that is actually on your device itself and where you can find links to carriers sites where you can download new operating systems.


    Software and Theme Development
    Have an idea for a new program? Questions about how to format a program you are working on? Want to try and learn to make your own themes? Head on over to this forum for those of us who have the developer fever in us.


    Guides, How To, FAQ
    A comprehensive listing of everything from handheld guides to what a certain error message means. A must know part of the forum of ANY and EVERY user.
    Have something to sell? Looking for a new device? Looking for an accessory? This is where you need to head! BBay provides free classifieds for things BlackBerry related. (Make sure to check out the posting guidelines for BBay before posting an item for sale.)
    BBay Classifieds Buy/Sell/Trade


    Carriers and Networks
    Wonder who carries BlackBerry devices? Have a question about a carriers service? This is the place!


    Other Carriers


    All Business And No Play?

    Of course not! How dull would that be? Yes, we still here at Pinstack are human and like to play every once in a while. Even though most of us are sitting at our jobs and should actually be working, every once in a while you need a break. Enter the Crackberry Cafe

    Also, in the BB Professionals Connect forum, you will find everything from random pictures, interesting world views to the "What Do You Look Like" thread (Although it seems that many people are too shy to actually post there.


    I Think You Should...

    Have an idea? Suggestion? Comment? Don't keep it to yourself, let us know! Feel free to email us and let us know your idea! You never know, it may just happen!


    Hopefully this thread will help you on your begining footsteps into the Pinstack and BlackBerry Community.

    Like I said, it's all a little overwhelming at first, from first opening to the box, to your first error code to your first logging onto this site.

    But remember, this forum is here for us to help and educate and even amuse each other.

    Thank you for joining Pinstack and I hope that your enjoy your stay.
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