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During the change over to the new PinStack design etc the database tables for the ... Site Announcements & help forum

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    Gallery images lost.


    During the change over to the new PinStack design etc the database tables for the gallery somehow became corrupt. We tried to restore to no avail.

    Free image hosting (esp for themers', posting images within reviews, how-to, etc) can now be done here:

    Please report all broken images to this thread and we will manually fix what we can.

    Thanks all!

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    Good morning,

    I just had one question about the upload limit. Is there a way to create more room for some of us in this case (theme developers) ? The reason why I ask is because as far as I can see we can only upload 60 images, correct? I sometimes like to provide up to 4 images if possible per theme. I try not to release more themes because of this same reason. Should I limit myself to one per theme? Some people want to see what the apps screen looks like as well as the locked screen and also incoming calls. It's just a little concern I had. I can upload my pictures/images with no issues. It's just this small thing that kinda intrigues me. Will you in the near future perhaps allow us to upload as many images as we used to using the gallery? If there is such a way. Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify this for us.
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