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    Bold OS v 4.6 makes PinStack Threads Miniscule


    I have a great concern since I'm now using a Bold. When viewing the forum threads, the font is so incredibly small it's just too hard to deal with. I'm used to making 50% of my PinStack Posts via BB.

    Now I struggle to do one or two. It's a true problem. With my new Storm I experience the same thing. Thus it's clear that v 4.6 is the culprit. Than in concert with the protocol for this site. Below is a link to a post here in PinStack that explains it better than I have.

    I truly hope something can be done about this, so as to facilitate the use of PinStack forums by those of us with the new BlackBerry's.

    I miss not being able to participate in the forums from my BlackBerry, and given my travel schedule, the only time I have access with my laptop is via WiFi hotspots. Thus drastically limiting my PinStack participation.

    Here is the thread below:

    Viewing PinStack On The Bold
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    I couldn't agree more. ~via BB (

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