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    Adobe Flash Player has stopped a ....


    I am having a website problem on which started about a week ago. It is happening on two different computers one of which runs IE7 and the other runs IE beta 8. The problem does not occur when I run Firefox or Google Chrome, only under IE.

    WHenever I hit a menu selection from the top row across the site, let's say "Forums", under IE8 the drop down menu does not open up. The "Shop!" selection works fine and takes me to the store. ZSOme of the others will not open up either like downloads, search for, etc. Under IE7, the menus will open up maybe 1 time and then not again after that.

    Plus, under IE7 now, I get an error message to the effect of, "Adobe Flash Player has detected a potentially unsafe operation" and shows me that for every screen on the web site that I can navigate to.

    Anyone else having this problem? I could understand if it was on one PC but on two with different browsers????

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    I usually use firefox, but just tried it with IE7 and didn't experience that issue. The menus opened repeatedly for me without issue and I never saw that Adobe flash error message......maybe someone will chime in with a solution for you(but at least you can use firefox or chrome and still get your PinStack fix )
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    Clear your cache and try it again. If that doesn't work clear it again and also delete the cookies. That should clear it up.

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