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    What would you call...


    I have a colleague looking to start a new technology business. I am helping him with creating a suitable name - for now, and the sake of simplicity, let's just call it ACME Computing. In addition to troubleshooting, servicing, designing and building anything related to computers (both personal and server grade) and networks, he also wants to troubleshoot and service Blackberrys as well as provide advanced training to end users.

    Here is the problem though - we both feel that ACME Computing is too limiting. It sounds as if he just does computers and does not address the Blackberry aspect of the business. If he went with ACME Technologies, our fear is that name is too broad and leads potential customers into thinking that he does any technology service know to exist. ACME Communications is better, but it potentially omits the core computing aspects of the business.

    If you were looking for a professional to assist with your Blackberry needs, what type of business name would clue you in to the fact that in addition to general computing/network support, they also service Blackberrys, i.e. ACME ______________???

    Please note, "BlackBerry" will not be in the name in any shape or form due to the trademark issues with RIM

    Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions!
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    that's pretty tough. i would incorporate the word smartphone in the title.
    or something like ACME Technical Services.
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