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    Hey I was wondering if anyone would happen to know of how to find great deals for vacations. Specifically islands like the virgin islands or something like that. Florida would be ok too. Somewhere warm down there you know. Dominican republic would be nice too. I'm trying to spend no more than 1100 US for plane tickets, hotel stay(three to four nights) and possibly a car rental. Any websites or anything would help. Thanks.
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    look around. with travel prices at an all time high, there are deals. Also, you will get the best deals with non refundable tickets. Checking the airlines directly daily could reap you lower airfares. Orbitz, travelocity and expedia can show significant price difference for the same flight. The reservation system SABRE is also whacked because people can hold those cheap seats and then you have no access to them. Remember there are thousands of these low air fare sites out there, but how reputable are they really if they cannot support you in a crisis if something happens such as missing a flight, bad reservations, etc.

    Also check these time share sites. There are a few that will fly you to nice destinations, give you a few days hotel, and just ask you sit in on their time share meeting. My friend has flown 3 times now to Mexico without buying one timeshare.

    As far as car rentals go, because of high gas prices, SUVS have been noted be cheaper on the daily rate then say sub compacts because the demand.

    I used to work in travel, then best I can tell you is sometimes you have to make your own deals by piecing hotel, airfare and car separately.

    good luck, let me know how you made out.

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    I find the best deals on Southwest.*** Look for internet specials. I can go from east to west coast non-stop for $99. Book yr hotels separate . I used to get a package deal but it was a rip off.

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    Check out they also have a forums.

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