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    Smile this is my first post-a late night new member


    I am new here. I don't kmow where to begin. I don't want to be negative or start out with complaining. Happy Thanksgiving! I am in my early 40's, a former model, a practicing psychic Life Coach. I have a Motorola cliq, I am not very hapy in my life. Having my phone taken over by a stranger who had communicated in very abusive, ugly ways to me through google search believe it or not. I have changed sim cards, changed my phone number several times, went from G1, the first that came out to my current motocliq (2nd phone-hoping it would solve the problem.) In the summer my hair peace had a funky odor on it of an ugly fragrance. I live alone. In my vulnerable state of mind I believed my hacker did it from some kind of time travel. Finally recently I realized after I removed my battery and within an hour someone twisted thr door knob with a key. I can't find my other set of keys. In the Summer he must have climbed up to the patio (2nd floor). How this relates? He admitted, my hacker that I have been getting rapped and drugged. This is how far a hacker can go. I am hoping to get guided to a virus protection for my phone, get some support from meeting new friends. I look forward to meeting you soon. Tina426

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    This sounds like a playboy letter. Ahem! Lemme get my kleenex box o' tissues and some ky jelly
    What's the matter? CIA's got you pushing too many pencils?

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    Pretty surreal story.

    And LOL @raton

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