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wow lisa! you make me want to get the chantix back out! maybe i didn't ... Networking with PinStackers forum

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    wow lisa! you make me want to get the chantix back out! maybe i didn't give it enough time?!?!
    its definately a mental game, as cmangum says! i've been smoking 20 years as well and have 'quit' so many times its unreal.

    good luck blondee! you can do it!

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    This April 15th will be 2 years since my last cigarette, and I did it cold turkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blondee028 View Post
    I have finally decided to quit smoking. My doctor gave me Chantix, has anyone taken it , if so did it work?
    I just quit smoking 3 weeks ago using Chantix. Worked really well, plus you can smoke the whole first week you're using it!Anyways, it does give you some pretty messed up dreams though.Good luck, it's the best decision I've made in my life!!!

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    Its only been 3 days and I have noticed as you would say messed up dreams. I know once I tried the patch and those dreams were extremely weird, so bad infact I stopped the patch but I have been smoking for 30+years.

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    Three days is great! They say it takes 10 days or something to break a habit and I really found that after 10 days, my urge to have that first cigarette really started to go away.

    Not that the cravings got better, but I always found I'd smoke at specified times through the day regardless if I craved one or not. That's the part that went away.

    Keep up the great work!
    As always, just my opinion...
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    I used chantix little over a year ago and it worked for me, been smoke free ever since. You right about those messed up dreams, I kinda liked them after a while...
    Good Luck to you, it can be done!!

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